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ze/zir flag by tumblr user madotsukisdump

Ze/zir neopronouns are gender neutral pronouns and can be used by anyone regardless of gender identity or expression. Ze is pronounced the same way as xe. It was likely based on the German plural 3rd person pronoun sie.

Case Pronoun Example
Ze Ze went to the store
Zir I met zir today
Pronominal Possessive
Zir Ze walked zir dog today
Predicative Possessive
Zirs If I need a phone my friend will let me borrow zirs
Zirself Ze had to drive zirself to school


The first known case of ze being used is in 1997, by Richard Creel, who proposed ze/zer/mer (reflexive form is not recorded).

Another version was possibly independently created by Kate Bornstein in the 1998 book My Gender Workbook. This version uses ze (sometimes zie or sie) and hir. The most popular variation of these pronouns are based on this version and were created in 2013.