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The neopronoun flag by Tumblr user Uncommongenders

Alternative neopronoun flag by‎ DeviantArt user Geekycorn

Alternative neopronoun flag by Tumblr user Ferns-Garden/Beanjamoose

Neopronouns are any set of singular third-person pronouns that were directly created or adapted within the language instead of evolving with it, and are frequently not officially recognized in the language they are used in. Many Indo-European languages frequently have gendered third-person pronouns and may not have a neutral option, or the neutral option may be considered dehumanising when used for a person; thus, neopronouns are typically created with the intention of being a gender neutral option.

In English, there are four sets of recognised exipronouns; "she/her" is considered feminine, "he/him" is considered masculine, and "they/them" is considered neutral and less controversial than the fourth set, "it/its", which is typically used to refer to inanimate objects or animals (and has historically been used to demonise transgender and genderqueer individuals). It/its is also considered an adapted neopronoun.

Some individuals prefer using neopronouns as an alternative gender neutral pronoun set to singular they/them. This may be due to any of the following examples. They might:

  • Want to avoid singular "they" being confused with plural "they", although this is becoming increasingly uncommon as a reason as singular they/them becomes more and more recognised in standard English
  • Find that neopronouns express something about them or their gender identity that they/them does not
  • Feel more comfortable using neopronouns over they/them, for any reason
  • Do not feel that singular they fits their experience
  • Do not like how they/them sounds when used to refer to them

Or any number of other reasons. An individual's decision to use neopronouns at all is a personal one and different for every user.