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Ey/em flag by DeviantArt user BLACKDOGZZ

Ey/em flag by Tumbr user mourningmogaicrew

Ey/em neopronouns is a gender neutral pronoun set which can be used by anyone regardless of gender identity or expression. In 1975, Christine M. Elverson of Skokie, Illinois, won a contest by the Chicago Association of Business Communicators to find replacements for "she and he", "him and her", and "his and hers", she created ey, em, and eir by dropping the "th" from they, them, and their.

Case Pronoun Example
Ey Ey went to the store
Em I met em today
Pronominal Possessive
Eir Ey walked eir dog today
Predicative Possessive
Eir or Eirs If I need a phone my friend will let me borrow eir OR

If I need a phone my friend will let me borrow eirs

Emself or Eirself Ey had to drive emself to school OR

Ey had to drive eirself to school